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Tibetan language teacher

Ngawang Choedon was born in Tibet and has been living in Dharamshala for many years. She studied at TCV Suja, completing her secondary education at TCV Bylakuppe in the science faculty. Ngawang continued her academic pursuits in various fields, including computer education, Buddhist philosophy, and intensive translation courses. She also worked part-time in her sister's bakery. Proficient in playing the Tibetan instrument Dranyen, Ngawang's sacred privilege lies in reading books and singing songs.

Additionally, Ngawang actively engages in various social initiatives, such as the Tibetan movement. During her school years, she volunteered in the waste management team for one year. Her commitment to serving others reflects her deeply rooted belief in the principles of compassion and social responsibility.

She believes in the importance of continuous learning and strives to constantly expand her knowledge and skills to bring about positive changes in her community and beyond. Since 2021, Ngawang has been teaching Tibetan language to foreigners.

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