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Tibetan language teacher

Lhamo la was born in Tibet, in the historical region of U-Tsang. She spent about 16 years in Tibet with her family. She worked as a shepherd, farmer, and vendor. Her strong desire to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama and receive education led Lhamo la to India in 2006. Her lifestyle and thinking changed when she encountered issues of illiteracy among Tibetans. She received education (12 grades) in a Tibetan school in Dharamshala, after which she graduated from the Dalai Lama Higher Education Institute in Bangalore with honors. Since 2019, Lhamo la has returned to Dharamshala and has been teaching Tibetan to both illiterate Tibetans and foreigners. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with anyone who genuinely wants to learn the Tibetan language.

Since 2023, she has been working at the Thonmi Sambhota Online School.

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